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At Blessed Bag our mission is to show God’s love to those going through the cancer journey and undergoing cancer treatments. We accomplish this by giving patients a Blessed Bag, a high quality bag filled with comfort items to combat the side effects that chemotherapy often bring.  There are countless individuals battling cancer that need to be shown that they are loved and cared for when going through one of the toughest journeys in life.  Please help Blessed Bag to make a lasting difference in someone’s life, one bag at a time!

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Blessed Bags help chemotherapy patients cope with treatments


“The chemo bag I received is an example of how people show their support and let you know that they care. I love my bag and it’s not only useful, but also a reminder that I’m not alone in this fight.”

Lindsay Z

“I honestly can’t thank you enough for the beautiful Blessed Bag I received!  I know sometimes it feels like I don’t have any one who thinks of me and cancer can really make you feel alone, but your beautiful package has changed my thoughts. May God smile upon you always.”


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