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Welcome to Blessed Bag

Blessed Bag is a 501(c) (3) non-profit that provides tote bags filled with comfort items to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Blessed Bag’s goal is to provide cancer warriors with the tools to help fight the battle they are facing. We operate on faith, love and by following this mission:

“Giving hope, comfort and encouragement to chemotherapy patients one bag at a time.“


Thank you so very much for my Blessed Bag – not only receiving the bag, but what a wonderful surprise the day the bag came. I was having a terrible day and St. Theresa heard my prayer because the next day I received my Blessed Bag from a very special angel – you!

“The chemo bag I received is an example of how people show their support and let you know that they care. I love my bag and it’s not only useful, but also a reminder that I’m not alone in this fight.”

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