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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we are honoring our breast cancer warriors with a special pink bag filled with comfort items to help them during their battle. During this month, we hear/see “Breast Cancer Awareness” everywhere but what does it really mean to a survivor? For me, it means that breast cancer can strike anyone at anytime like it did me at 39 years young. October is when my awareness became a reality 11 years ago when my lump was detected in my right breast. It defined my awareness of what breast cancer truly is, a deadly but treatable disease if detected early. I survived and so have many others but there are countless ones we lost. My journey taught me so much but the advice I would like to pass onto others during this special month is: be aware of any changes in your breast/body, be aware that doing regular mammograms and self exams could save your life, be aware that donations to breast cancer organizations are helping to find a cure, and most of all, be aware of our pink warriors that are in the fight, the survivors and the ones we lost to this dreadful disease.Jessica Main, President of Blessed Bag

Blessed Bag’s mission is to show God’s love to those going through the cancer journey and undergoing chemotherapy treatments. We accomplish this by giving patients a Blessed Bag; a high quality bag filled with comfort items to combat the side effects that chemotherapy often bring.

We lovingly refer to our Blessed Bag recipients as “Warriors” because they are facing a battle that they cannot see. We want to empower them to fight, be brave, have faith, and win the battle! There are countless warriors battling cancer that need to be shown that they are loved and cared for when going through one of the toughest journeys in life.




I was given one of your bags today at chemo. What an amazing and thoughtful gift. I am 55 with stage four throat cancer and this is my fourth week in treatment. I was having a bad day between the radiation and chemo and was starting to get in that self-pity mode when I received your … Continue reading Curt


“The chemo bag I received is an example of how people show their support and let you know that they care. I love my bag and it’s not only useful, but also a reminder that I’m not alone in this fight.”


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Giving hope, faith, and comfort to cancer warriors one bag at a time.